Wornsoul Bio — Yaşar (Yashar) Kutlu

Yaşar Kutlu in his Studio

One day Yashar came into our Cafe with a portrait in arm and I was amazed at his talent, and the style he painted. I took His portrait with my camera and forgot about him. later, remembering the portrait, had it printed and put it away in hopes that I would one-day be able to visit him.

I finally had an opportunity to visit him in the Studio he shares with a friend. He is a kind and humble man not even willing to call himself an artist he said, “I have so much I still want to learn”.

Yashar grew up on the boarder of Turkey and Georgia on the South East side of the Black Sea. His father was an artist primarily drawing with pencil. When Yashar was a boy his father said “Don’t be an artist, it’s not a good life for anyone. You cannot make a living.” So for years he was a sign painter to pay the bills, but painting and art has always been his passion. I was able to take another portrait of him hear his story as well as share some tea and bread. I left with an open invitation to come back anytime.

He is one of those worn souls on the road of life.