Life Events—Senior pictures

Events happen all throughout life and there are those that we call rights of passage, and every culture has them. Today I will focus on the right of passage of being a high school senior. Senior pictures are one of those cultural markers or rights of passage that hasn’t changed much from years ago when I was making that journey from high school to university—by the way that was in 1980.  Last week I took pictures of my nephew Jared Potter and found a fun location with lots of fun backgrounds to play with. Thought you might like to see.

TECHI STUFF: For the photographs I used a Nikon SB800 set to remote on a light stand with a Photoflex Light Dome medium soft box and a grid to direct the light forward. I balanced the flash with the available light adjusting my ISO as the daylight faded. To trigger the flash I used the Nikon wireless speed light commander.
CAMERA: Nikon D700  LENS: AF-S VR-Nikkor 70-200 1:2.8

2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_5064_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_5043_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_5007_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4931_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4926_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4895_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4788_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4767_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4739_sm 2014-07-29_Jared_P._Sr.Portrait_4733_sm

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