Traveling by bus in Turkey

Last week I took a bus trip from the northern part of Turkey to a Mediterranean city.  I could have flown from Istanbul to this same city, but I decided to take a bus. The trip took 8 1/2 hours, and was very relaxing. One each seat back there is a screen with a selection of movies, TV stations, music, games as well as internet connection. There is a USB plugg-in if you want to charge your iPod or similar device. During the trip they serve coffee, tea, and give a snack, as well as stop for 30 minutes about halfway to give opportunity for a meal or just a break.  The cost of the trip was about $60 US dollars. They also have a service from bus stations in most major cities. It was a good time to catch up on e-mail, edit photos, journal as well as read.
Along the way I took some photos. Hopefully they give a feeling and sense of the trip.

Bus, sunset, lone traveler walks to the bus

Bus in Turkey stops for a break allowing passengers to have a meal, use restrooms or just get out and stretch. A needed break in a 8 hour trip.


sunset, over mountain with clouds and golden fields.

Sunsetting over rural fields in central Turkey.

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